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Whilst I was serving out my final year at boarding school, I wanted a tattoo, an earring, and Bleached blond hair. This is a total contra to the public school ethos. I did bleach my hair, from a bottle. My mother was so horrified she thought I was wearing a wig! She immediately frog marched me to her over priced salon and had it changed back. Being as perverse as sack load of monkeys, I belligerently stormed ahead with a tattoo a day later, I still think she thinks it is a transfer (until now).

I have always been hair person, whilst most men may look at a woman's body first, I look at their hair. This is probably because I was bought up with my four sisters, 2 blondes, one jet-black, and one brunette. They all have amazing hair. The amount of time they spent doing their hair amazed me. It still amazes me that they are still prepared to spend £30 just to have their hair washed and blow-dried, but this is women thing. I certainly believe in what you pay for, except that is, when it comes down to men's haircuts. I believe the more I spend on my haircut, the worse it looks. Several times, I have had a charlotte street hair saloon cut not only have I felt fleeced (excuse the pun) but dissatisfied. My local barber who charged £8, did a great job, and it looked better than the £70 price tag the West End offers. I now trust my hair to Steve at Hair associates in Putney, who charges a bit more than £8, but a lot loss than £70 and he's good.

After winning the weakest link, I fancied a hair colour change, would I go black or blonde?

I choose blonde and it took Steve four hours to perfect it! I hated the first day of being blonde, it was just so radical and different, I had to wear a baseball hat until I could control the demons of self doubt that blonde was for me. After a couple of days, it grew on my friends and me. I became uncharacteristically narcissistic about my new look. After two weeks in the sun and looking tanned

I came back to London to do a catwalk for London fashion week, I caught myself in the mirror and really began to like it. Blondes after all will always stand out. Psychologists will tell us that it is some primitive desire!

It is amazing how people now look at me and double take making such comments as "you look like Nick Bateman" which is great, because I can either confirm or deny depending on how I am feeling.

What hair colour do I prefer in a woman? I have been out with vast procession of blondes, I actually prefer Brunettes. To be really pedantic, she has to have straight shoulder length hair, and hazel eyes. If she has black hair, it has to be a Cleopatra look, with blue eyes. If she is blonde, it has to be dark blonde with green eyes.

When I was younger, my string of fantasy women ranged from Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha in Bewitched) Then Linda Cater (Wonder woman) Kate Jackson (Charlie angels) Lindsay Wagner (Bionic woman) They all had great hair, Now, I like the styles of Dido, Annie McDowell, Tara PT and all of the Coors! These entire women have great hair

If gun was put to my head, I do not really like red hair in woman. (Yes, I have been out with one) But that is a choice. I also think that older European woman look after themselves and their hair better than we do in England. Especially the French and Italians. I can’t stand that pink and blue mush the older generation seems to plaster into their hair in this country. Yuk! Keep it natural, or die it to what colour it was.

I am great thief when I stay at hotels; I love the products, especially at The Met in London and the Malmaison chain of hotels. For my hair I use Neutrogena and Germes de Ble, by Roger and Gallet, it has a smell to die for. I am also using a very potent, Dietary supplement, called Veromax, it is supposed to maintain sexual well-being, which it does, but more importantly it also keeps my hair healthy!. I also use vosene for soak once a month, I still love that smell.

Good hair looks great, and perhaps a slogan from a leading brand "Because I am worth it" certainly rings true. Women want men with clean hands and nails, and we want lovely hair.

So do I stay blonde and get that earring? I am not sure, but I am enjoying the attention a blonde gets.

Do blondes have more fun? Probably!

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